Marriage: Rekindling The Fire Of Love

A busy husband will equal to a lonely wife. It was when Adam was away that Satan deceived Eve. If you are not a lover in the day; can be labelled as a robber in the night.

This does not mean that you will be at home 24/7, but technology has made things easy to strengthen communication in order to rekindle the flame of love.

The longer the years of being together, the stronger and better should the relationship be. The work of maintaining healthy marital bliss should be a joint efforts of the couples, based on the fact that you are together to make yourselves fulfilled, raise godly children and make it to heaven at last.

Despite busy and tight schedules you must find time and pray together because the place of prayer is indispensable to increase the wine of love and multiply the peculiar grace to forge ahead in the face of challenges that want to scatter and put padlock
to the holy wedlock.

Love is the energy of life, the spouse who truly loves will never leave because even there are 100 reasons to give up. He will find one reason to hold on no matter the hold ups that threaten to destabilize divine institution.

The age we live now is terrible, there are strange men and women out there to snatch your spouse away when you are careless or battered with indifference attitude and complacency.

Why will you confide in a woman who is not your wife? If the unexpected happens, illegitimate woman cannot come out to declare the secret you share with her and your wife is not aware?

Marriage is for life that is why to keep going the couples need to work together with grit, determination, discipline and unbending commitment to see that with joy and gladness they are forging ahead.

With one accord, concord with the Trinity in the community of unity, discord, suspicion, distrust cannot rear their ugly heads. The worst place after hell is wrong marriage. Where Jesus Christ the prince of peace is not hallowed nor allowed.

Every woman is beautiful until she speaks. When pride meets ego, it could be dangerous. Let our women learn how to speak and not mere talking, murmuring, nagging and complaining, whatever aggravates hot temper will hamper peace and hinder joy.

It is who you allow to be number 3 with you depending on your attitude and disposition (God or Satan). You can make it as
affirmation in the morning not to provoke your spouse and you will be divinely helped with the grace to overcome any temptation to walk in the flesh.

Beating your spouse to death is not only a criminal offence, but you will subject innocent children to all forms of evil
that will endanger their future.

The death of one, will mean handcuffing the other. 1+1=2, but husband and wife are no longer two but one. 1 in 1=1. No man hates himself, therefore love your wife.
A woman who cannot cook is a crook, how the food is presented is as important as how it is cooked. May your marriage be as heaven on earth in the name of Jesus Christ.

Your testimony is our testimonial. Happy reading and joyful living. Joshua 1:8.

Yours for marital bliss,
Written By Ezekiel Kolawole.

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