Maradona Sues Girlfriend Over Leaked Video

Former Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona on Tuesday filed a theft complaint against his girlfriend, Rocio Oliva, after a video was released that allegedly shows him hitting her.
“I spoke to Diego and he filed the complaint,” Oliva told Argentine television. Oliva, 22, has a turbulent relationship with 53-year-old Maradona.

He lives in Dubai and has a sports promotion contract. Argentine television channels had released a short video supposedly shot by Oliva in a room in Maradona’s home.
In the blurry footage, Oliva can be heard saying “Stop, stop” as if she is trying to stop an attack.
Maradona has said he had knocked the phone from her hands but denies hitting Oliva, a female footballer.
Oliva said she was not responsible for the video being released and instead blamed an unnamed “nephew” of Maradona.
Maradona in March accused Oliva in Dubai of stealing jewelry and other valuable items. The couple are a staple of Argentina’s tabloid and celebrity press.

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