Man United’s Chicharito Reveals Scoring Prowess

Chikarito 5

Javier Hernandez has shown his predatory skills to great effect recently: as a substitute against Stoke he bagged a late, headed winner, then against Norwich he started and scored twice to spark a 4-0 win.
So, United Uncovered decided to try to understand the mind of the Reds’ archetypal poacher and goal-getting purist.
Make no mistake, Chicharito loves scoring goals. “It’s the best feeling for a striker to score,” he told Man United’s official website. But part of the reason that makes him so valuable to United is that he blends ruthlessness with a selflessness that is uncommon among strikers.
“I enjoy making a good pass or giving an assist,” he adds. “You have to enjoy those things as much as scoring goals. I never play just to score; I’m not upset if I haven’t scored in a couple of games. I don’t think, ‘I have to score in the next one’, because I know football can go like that sometimes. As long as the team is winning, that’s the most important thing. It’s part of our job as strikers to score goals, but I train and play the game to enjoy every pass, shot, movement, assist and goal. I try to experience all the things that football can give you in the same way.”
Yet there’s no denying his instincts and the way he reacts when the ball is anywhere near the goal. Is that nature or nurture? “That’s a tough question,” he says, weighing up his response.
“Some skills come more easily to some people, but I think you always have to work hard to improve. I have always tried to work hard. It’s not necessarily the case that I was born that way…
“I didn’t just come here and train and play and score goals. Every player in the world, including players we have here like Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, works hard to be the best they can be.”
It’s clear speaking to Chicharito that he is a connoisseur of his craft, like the One-on-one against Chelsea in the Premier League back in May 2011. “It’s about intuition. You don’t really think about what you’re going to do, it’s just in an instant that you do what you do. When I received the ball for this goal I didn’t think, ‘what will I do next?’ I just looked at the ball and the keeper and chose which side I wanted to shoot. It’s not like when we sit here now and I say ‘I had this option and that option,’ you just do what you do at the time. You do it in even less than a second. It’s a very quick process. I loved that game, it was phenomenal for me because that goal and that win helped us win the title.”
What about the set-pieces against Liverpool, League Cup in September 2013? “I like to move a lot because I’m not the strongest or the tallest guy so I try to move around so I can be first to get into position ahead of the defenders.
“This kind of goal is about coordination as well. I saw Wazza was about to take the corner and I started moving. Thankfully the ball came to me and I found the gap I needed to score…”. Chikarito’s revelation about his goal scoring prowess is endless, and the Mexican youngster says his best is yet to come.

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