Lover Boy Dies On Top Of Woman After Taking Overdose of ‘Burantashi’

A young man from Zambia has passed away during an intense s*x romp with his lover as a result of an overdose of s*x enhancer which made him hyperactive.

It was gathered that Police in Mpongwe area of Zambia discharged a 24 year old woman of Luwingu who was detained after her lover died as they were having s*x.

Police sources have told a reporter that the woman was released on Monday after the dead man’s family members requested that she be freed after an autopsy from the doctor indicated that the man had died due to an overdose of s*x boosters called ‘Mutototo’ in Zambia but simply regarded as ‘Burantashi’ in Nigeria.

The man died on Thursday as he was having s*x with his lover after he complained of his heart beating at a faster rate and that he had a headache.

Copperbelt province police chief, Charity Katanga confirmed the incident on Sunday, and identified the man as Johnston Phiri,of Mwamba village in Mpongwe, while the woman is Mary Mwamba of Kopu village in Luwingu.

Mr Phiri has since been buried.

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