So Long, Cassius Clay: A Tribute To Muhammad Ali

Hello sports fans across the world. What else could be in my column for today? Of course, a special tribute to the great one, and I say ‘So long Cassius Clay: Muhammad Ali’.

Muhammad Ali .The late Muhammad Ali when he was much younger.-

” Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. The hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see”, Muhammad Ali exclaimed further; “I am the king of the world, I am invisible”.

Looking back to his days, he was an icon, I will remember him for his struggles for equity, equality, racial balance when it concerns nationality. Between where you are and where you know you should be.

Muhammad Ali was so much more as a boxer. Interestingly, he was and is still an international figure in the twentieth century, till his death.

He knows he’s the greatest in the world, the King of boxing in the world. He was the voice of the voiceless for all races. He payed a huge prize for other black champions to take their stands.

Honestly, it is really hard to stand for what you really believe in life. I also call him a philosopher, a mercurial boxer, an entertainer and a sociologist. He was a one man punching machine. His act became a street slogan of two fighters till this moment as people often chant ‘Ali! Ali!! Ali!!!’ when top boxers exhange blows in the ring, and this ‘Ali’ chant actually sends two messages; that the concerned boxer should really fight like Ali or he can’t never fight and be like Ali.

My question now is; can there be another Muhammad Ali in the near future? Ali remains a legend and his legendary feats will be remembered forever.

Here’s the paradox of life, he was stripped of the championship belt and titles for about four years and that shut down his boxing career before the Supreme Court overturned that judgement. Why? Because he refused to go to war in Vietnam due to his religious belief, he offered to work for love and humanity and not in hate of bombings and killings, which we see today in different religion sects.

During his four years of shut down, I believe Ali almost lost fate because he stopped doing what used to work well for him. But immediately he came back to the ring, he wasn’t invincible anymore. He endures receiving punch after punch.

That was how things turned around and he was diagnosed of Parkinson’s, a disease that shuts down some body functionality. Most people find it unnerving to be left alone. There are far too many uncomfortable dimensions to the solitude. For instance, let’s assume you are left alone with your thoughts.

Now, unless you are a positive thinker, you will quite likely end up feeling depressed about your state of loneliness. Sometimes it is good to be alone, but not alone for four year whereby one was stripped of his joy and happiness for so long.

Nevertheless, this type of life is what many people experience. Being an actor or a sportsman makes one lonely in the world, that’s obviously the price; ‘loneliness’. You are all alone in your own world, all alone with your own concentration and imagination, and that’s all you have.

So, to the greatest, Muhammad Ali, good night and rest in peace.

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Coach Peter Ijeh
Uefa grade A Coach.
(BSs) Sweden.

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