How Liverpool Dazed Man City In Champions League

Liverpool played very differently in the first and second half of their impressive Champions League win over Manchester City, but they got both approaches absolutely right.

The way they played before the break was a signature display by a Jurgen Klopp team – showing no respect to the opposition and giving them no respite.

Liverpool’s attitude was basically to tear into City, and there are not many sides who would have been able to cope with that.

The pressing game is clearly one of Klopp’s fortes and every time one of City’s players got on the ball, it must have felt like they were facing a swarm of bees.

After half-time, though, the Reds showed the kind of defensive discipline to protect their 3-0 lead that we do not usually associate with this Liverpool team.

The fact Loris Karius did not have a shot to save says it all about how good they were at the back.

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