My Life As An Orphan -3SC Star Ebiaku

Sylvanus Promise Ebiaku, is the oldest player in Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) of Ibadan as at this season. In this exclusive interview with’s correspondent, Kayode Ayeni, the hardworking defender speaks about his family background, his early days and how he ventured into footballing, among other issues. Excerpts;

Eyeonthenews: Tell us about yourself?

Ebiaku: My names are Sylvanus Promise Ebiaku, I was born and brought up in Edo State, precisely in Etsako Local Government area. I started my footballing career at a very young age with Bendel Insurance of Benin. After playing for Insurance, I joined Nasarawa United FC and then played for Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) in Ibadan before moving to Dolphins Football Club of Port Harcourt. And, to God be the Glory, I came back to Ibadan to play for Shooting Stars once again.

What’s your growing up like, were you born with a Silver Spoon like many top players in the Nigeria Professional Football League?

I was not born with a Silver Spoon. I had an humble beginning as my parents were not rich. But, sadly, I lost my father and mother at a very tender age, this made me an orphan who had no one but God Almighty to turn to. So, this made me to take into footballing.

After losing your parents, how did you manage to survive?

Well, my parents died when I was about to write my Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE). Things were so difficult for me because there was nobody to assist me.
Unfortunately for me, none of my father’s family showed up or cared for me, the same thing from my mother’s family. So, I had no choice than to stop my education. It was a terrible experience that I will never forget.

So, you started playing football from then on?

Yes, I started playing for a local team; ‘Boys’ Club back then, and the breakthrough came when Insurance of Benin signed me on. That was after featuring for the Boys Club in a friendly match against Bendel Insurance. The club officials saw the potential in me and signed me after the friendly game. Trust me, I seized the opportunity and never looked back since then.

During your days at Insurance of Benin, gathered that many of the players were fond of using cardboard as shin-guards. Could you recollect those moments?

Well, I personally did’t use it then and don’t use such, but I know of some players that do it up till now. Some players cut cartons, cardboard into shape of shin-guards, but that’s not for me.

Let’s talk about your present club, what is your assessment of the City of Ibadan, are you enjoying yourself at 3SC?

Ibadan is a very peaceful City and 3SC is a great club, I like Shooting Stars, honestly, 3SC fans are lovely and wonderful people.

You were part of the 3SC team that went to Kano, where the club suffered the biggest defeat of the season to Pillars, what actually happened?

That defeat was painful, I have never experienced such a defeat throughout my footballing career, and I can’t say what really happened. After conceding three (3) goals in the first half, we tried to bounce back into the game in the second half but it was too late.

3SC recorded it’s first away victory against MFM in Lagos recently, what’s the magic behind your victory as a team?

There was no magic, on that day, we played the same way we have been playing, the only difference was that we were lucky to beat MFM FC at Agege Stadium, and the entire team was united unlike before.

We heard that 3SC is owing the players, how long have you been owed?

The club is owing us about five months salary as at now, any time we are paid, the club pays half of what we negotiated with the management.

What is the management doing towards paying the arrears?

The officials have promised to settle us, I think the Oyo State government slashed the budget of the club, that’s delaying our pay.

What is your target for 3SC as the season enters the crucial stage now?

With the way things are going right now, 3SC will end up with a continental ticket.

Your advice to young and upcoming footballers?
I can only tell the young ones to be disciplined and must be dedicated to what they are doing.

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