LeBron James Raps Beckham Over Miami Franchise

NBA superstar LeBron James has revealed he is in talks with England Football legend David Beckham about investing in a possible Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion club for Miami.
James, who has led the Miami Heat to the past two NBA titles, told the Miami Herald that he has spoken with Beckham. James owns a small share of English Premier League side Liverpool.
“There is some interest on both sides,” James said. “David has become a good friend of mine over the last few years and I think it would be great for this city to have a football club. There is interest on both sides, but it’s preliminary talks but there is some open dialogue.”
Beckham’s chance to grab a MLS team for a discounted rate was reportedly part of the contract that lured the former Manchester United midfielder to Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007 from Real Madrid.
But time to make a deal is said to be running out, possibly by the end of the year.
The MLS had a Miami team, the Fusion from 1998-2001, before it folded and James said the level of support from the Miami market is still being explored.
“We don’t know the potential. The research is still being made out but I think it could be huge. You never know. I think this is a great town for soccer. There are a lot of soccer players here.”
Beckham has become a familiar face at Heat games and James has enjoyed a growing interest in football.
“I have grown a great interest in watching the game and learning it and it is a pretty intense sport,” James said. “And my kids love it as well. But I have grown to the point where I know exactly what’s going on when I’m watching the game.”
James has spent time touring Liverpool facilities and meeting players. NFL Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has reportedly shown interest in partnering Beckham as well.
But James says Miami obtaining a MLS club is far from a done deal despite the superstar leverage behind the project.
“We don’t know. It’s like buying a house. You don’t know until you sign the papers.”

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