Lagos Governor Shares Covid-19 Experience

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has gotten a clean bill of health; he has been certified free of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Governor, on Thursday afternoon, cheerfully walked out after 14 days in self-isolation, expressing his gratitude to all citizens for their prayers and wishes throughout the period of his public absence.

Sanwo-Olu shared experience of his personal battle against the dreaded virus in a briefing held at the State House, Marina.

He said: “COVID-19 is real”, apparently cautioning those still in doubt of the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Governor, on December 11, went into self-isolation after an exposure to an infected aide. His test result came back positive, the day after.

Sanwo-Olu, however, said he was fortunate to have had a relatively moderate experience in the course of his infection, but added that he experienced most of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, including cough, fatigue and loss of smell.

The Governor expressed concern about the new surge in the rate of infection, disclosing that Lagos was now recording 18 per cent in positive results from daily testing.

He appealed to the residents to join in the effort to tame the virus by strictly adhering to the public health guidelines issued by the State Government.

The Governor said the second wave of the virus spread was proving to be more ambitious and dangerous than the first period of outbreak, urging the people to protect themselves and loved ones from the harshness of the virus.

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