Kwara Cricket Association Drags Games Masters To Classroom

Cricket Nigerian players

*Nigeria Cricket players in action.

Tunde Oyedele, Ilorin

School Games Masters and Cricket Coaches in Kwara State are to be drilled in the classroom when the Kwara State Cricket Association, KSCA, holds its Level 1 Coaching Course next week.

The seminar is slated to take place at the Kwara Stadium Sports Complex between 22 and 25 September, 2013. Scribe of Kwara State Cricket Association, Onaolapo Yusuf Kayode, who sent invitation letters to schools and other stakeholders in Kwara State, urged all the participants to utilise the opportunity that the four-day coaching course would provide to boost their knowledge of the sport.

Although, Cricket is still struggling to break even as a sport in Nigeria, but the Kwara Cricket body believes that the participants at the seminar, would acquire new techniques that would help them develop cricket in their various schools and clubs.

Meanwhile, all interested Games Masters and other participants have been told to pay their course fees before the commencement of the seminar.

In addition, Kayoed disclosed that all the participants would fund their transportation and feeding throughout the duration of the course.

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