Kollington: Salawa Is Still My Wife

Veteran Fuji musician, Ayinla Kollington has insisted that fellow singer, Salawa Abeni remains his wife even though they don’t live together.

The Ijo Yoyo singer stressed further that she does not need to live with him or even perform wifely roles before she can be recognised as one of his wives.

According to reports, Kollington said, ‘We are both old and our children are grown ups now. She does not have to live with me before people recognise that she is still my wife.

“She does not need to come to my house to perform the role of a wife because I have a cook and another wife that lives with me”,
Kollington told the punch.

“When Salawa Abeni’s mother died, I went to her house to visit her and I played my role as a father to my children and as a husband to Salawa Abeni.

“I comforted her like any husband would do. It is true that I was not at the burial ceremony of her mother. It was not compulsory for me to be at the burial. As long as my children were there, it means I was also there. They represented me”, the singer explained.

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