Kayode Relives Big Task As Sunshine Manager

For former youth international, Kayode Julius, the first assignment as caretaker Manager of Sunshine Stars may have started on a positive note with the Akure Gunners’ 2-1 win over Rangers International, but it was a fixture that gave him goose bumps for several reasons.
Kayode was part of the National U-20 squad assembled by Fanny Amun for the African Youth Championship hosted by Nigeria and it was his spring board to a flourishing career at Rangers International the next year.
“Rangers represented my big break in club football back in 1996 and I have fond memories of my stay at the Coal City”, began Kayode shortly after goals from Solomon Kwambe and Adeoye Shina cancelled out Samuel Agba’s second minute opener for the Flying Antelopes in a Match Day 25 fixture at the Akure Township Stadium.
He veered off his emotional turmoil with Rangers and reflected on the huge task of being a Premier League Club Manager for the first time.
“It was a major responsibility and what made me jittery initially was the closeness of Match Day to the appointment”, Kayode recalled and added, “But then having signed up for this job, it was a day that must come. I mean, we have been working as a team with my former boss, Henry Abiodun and if one was expecting moving up, perhaps, the thought would have been at the end of season but here I was and they called me on Thursday to break the news.
“We had only Friday to train but like I stated earlier, we have been working as a team and all I needed to do was to ensure that the players remained united and also talk up their confidence which was what we spent the Friday work-out doing”, narrated the former Coach of Rising Stars, the junior squad of Sunshine Stars .
Having thrashed the matter of his debut assignment, Kayode returned to his emotional ties with Rangers and with his voice dropping a note, he began, “I wish it was not Rangers because the club means a lot to me. Seriously, when I was given this assignment and it emerged Rangers was the opponent we will be playing on my first day, it was difficult for me to think of the match but again, I also knew that my rating starts with the match and my resolve was to get the job done and reconcile with my emotions afterwards”.
Despite the verbal expressions of affection, Kayode expressed delight at the winning start to his senior Managerial career.
“It was a difficult game especially when they went a goal up in the first five minutes but my confidence was never lowered because I knew we were all geared to win this match.
“So when Kwambe leveled scores, I told them we were better and they should return at half time to seal the game but then you saw how difficult Rangers were”.
Kayode ended the interaction with a tribute to the Management of Ondo State Football Agency, the players and the Supporters.
“I am grateful to the Club Management for the confidence they have in me to do this job and more importantly, I appreciate the players and the fans knowing that we can achieve more with determination”.
-Culled: lmc-ng.org.

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