Kabisa Energy Drink Set To Hit Nigerian Markets

Kabisa! Have you heard of that name in Nigeria? Don’t worry if you have not. Kabisa is an energy drink that will be wildly known in the Nigerian market soon.

Tomasz Nowowiejski, the CEO, Mutalo Group, International FMCG company and Founder of Jumia in 17 African countries told eyeonthenews.com in a Press Release that lovers of energy drink will soon have a taste of Kabisa across Nigeria.

“We are manufacturers of a top-selling, tropical, Africa-oriented energy drink KABISA that we are now introducing to the Nigerian market, Tomasz Nowowiejski said.

Read details about the product in a Press Release below;

Press release

We are witnessing the birth of a unique energy drink that’s about to revolutionize the African market.

Two former managers from Jumia Africa founded a production company that aims to transform the energy drink market in Africa.

Their venture, Mutalo Group, produces one of the most astonishing drinks that popped up in the African market in the last years – KABISA Energy Drink.

How come that within the last two years, in the times of a vast range of energy drink offerings, they managed to familiarize people with their own product and conquer new markets?It all started two years ago.

Two young and ambitious ex-managers came back to Poland after spending more than three years in Africa, where they were placing the foundations for the local e-commerce industry with Jumia Africa.

Deeply familiar with the realities of the African economy and equipped with business connections throughout the continent, they decided to start on their own. It took them almost a year to design something completely different than a usual energy drink.

They spent that time ringing up to the potential distributors, creating the best possible product, finding the right distribution channels, and coming up with an extraordinary marketing vision.

Put that all together and you will get KABISA Energy Drink. It is enough to look at the design of the can to see that there is something totally new and puzzling about it. But is it good? And how can it be so different from all the others?

The first thing that differs KABISA from its competitors is the proper value for money. It’s based on high quality ingredients, which is why people are eager to pay more, however, it’s not one of the most expensive energy drinks on the market.

African beverage markets have a tendency to be bi-polarized – there are cheap, low quality drinks and, on the other hand, high quality ones, which are heavily overpriced.

There was hardly anything in between before KABISA appeared on the display shelves; to put it simply, KABISA has filled the gap in the energy drink sector. As a result, the customers who are looking for something of good quality don’t have to spend twice as much because expensive, premium products are no longer the only ones that are offered.

What more, international giants offer their branded products in Africa, but they use the same packaging, pricing and marketing strategies that they use all over the world. It is Mutalo Group that seems to be one of the first international companies from outside the continent to understand that Africa is different and has different needs.

Once you find KABISA in a store you know that it is in the right place. African design, tropical taste, branded fridges–it seems like nothing special, but altogether it creates something unique yet familiar.

This is exactly what makes people want to buy it, not commercials with sportsmen jumping from the roofs and monster trucks, which are not commonplace or embedded in the local culture.

All things considered, we are witnessing the expansion of the African market and KABISA Energy Drink is a perfect example-it shows that there is a place and a growing demand for good quality products.

Who knows, maybe it’s the beginning of another beverage giant?

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