John Cena’s Eye Injury Noticed

The WWE Universe has likely noticed John Cena make mention of an injury to his eye, and this week, the 15-time World Champion’s injury took a turn for the worse thanks to an attack by U.S. Champion Rusev on Raw.
“John Cena had been competing during last weekend’s Live Events when he sustained a corneal abrasion during his Live Event matches. In the evening during the attack by Rusev, John Cena’s injuries were exacerbated,” WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann confirmed to “As mentioned on commentary, those injuries were a scratched cornea and a ruptured blood vessel.”
There is no specific timetable for the Cenation leader’s return to 100 percent, but Amann said a plan was in place to monitor his condition.
“We’re going to do periodic eye exams to make sure the scratch on his cornea is healing and he will be ready for WWE Fastlane,” Amann said.

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