John Cena Sure Of Dad’s Recovery

John Cena has come out with an update on his father, who was attacked by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton at ringside following The Viper’s upset loss to Kofi Kingston on Raw.
“My dad is shook up”, said the Cenation leader after Michael Cole gave the WWE Universe an on-air update that the elder Cena had apparently suffered a fractured orbital socket at the hands of his son’s rival.
“He’s been around WWE a long time; that obviously shouldn’t happen to anybody who comes to enjoy our show. He’s tough, he took a few shots to the head, his eye’s all swollen, they tell me his jaw’s dislocated but he’s good”.
Despite the array of injuries, the former World Heavyweight Champion was optimistic about his father’s recovery.
“He was active and moving around when I was trying to talk to him”, said Cena. “He’s tough. I get all my toughness from him, so he’ll be fine; he’ll be all right”.

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