John Cena Reclaims WWE Crown

Cena floors

*HELL IN THE CELL: John Cena (up) hits hard on Del Rio during their WWE Hell In The Cell challenge on Sunday, 27 October, 2013.

John Cena on Sunday, 27 October, 2013 made a triumphant return from injury, overcoming a brutal onslaught to capture the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio.

From the early moments of the subsequent matchup, however, it quickly became apparent that Del Rio’s vicious aggression would threaten that homecoming and, in fact, the very career of his celebrated opposition.
Indeed, the treacherous titleholder would target the injured arm of his heroic Number 1 contender from the word go.

And despite Cena’s resilience and ability to roar back from his opponent’s unrelenting assault, it seemed for a time as if the 13-time World Champion had indeed reemerged too early and was not 100%.

With each passing moment, Del Rio executed a calculating attack, designed to wear down his prey.

The resilient challenger would soon build a solid offense, catching Del Rio with a drop kick as his opponent came off the top rope and following up with the Five-Knuckle Shuffle for a near near-fall.

But, as the two determined warriors battled back-and-forth with growing intensity, the fans couldn’t help but wonder just how much punishment Cena would be able to take.

Then, in a critical moment, Cena avoided a Del Rio charge, sending the Mexican Champion directly into the unforgiving steel post and allowing his iconic foe to hit a follow-up high cross body.

Regaining the advantage, Del Rio would try the Cross Armbreaker, only to have that attempt countered with the feared STF. Still, the champion managed to persevere by getting two fingers on the ropes and forcing the referee to break the hold.

It wasn’t long before Del Rio would return to his signature maneuver, this time successfully locking in the Cross Armbreaker. But even as he rolled down Cena’s protective pad to expose the injury, the incredible strength of the Cenation Leader allowed him to pick up the reigning champion and miraculously drive him down into the canvas.

And when the stunned Essence of Excellence regained to advantage and went for his dreaded submission hold yet again, Cena would be ready for him – countering with an incredible Attitude Adjustment to grab the monumental three-count to earn Cena the World Heavyweight Title amidst a standing ovation!

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