John Cena To Bow Out After Rollins Battle

John Cena’s WWE career is almost certainly winding down. He’s getting older, he turned 37 in April and has struggled with various injuries over the past few years.

Interestingly, as Variety discussed in October, the star is also lining up more and more television and movie roles these days, another strong sign that he’s looking at a life after wrestling.

But before Cena calls time on his legendary career and pursues a possible acting career, he does appear to have one great feud left—the one against rising heel star Seth Rollins.

Cena has clashed with the former Shield member countless times several months back as he waged war against The Authority.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are, of course, gone for now, anyway, Rollins is still around. And it is clear from WWE programming that he and Cena still have unfinished business. Potentially, the two could clash at TLC later this month, television certainly seems to be hinting at it. If so, expect the match to be terrific.

Going by television matches, Cena and Rollins have an enjoyable chemistry in the ring, and their styles complement each other, Cena has a more limited brawling-style move set, but Rollins is perfectly capable of bumping crazily all over the place for him.

Now just imagine how great their in-ring exchanges will be when you throw in tables, ladders and chairs. If the two do indeed clash at TLC, they could churn out a modern classic.

The two can interact pretty well on promos too. Rollins has developed his Machiavellian heel character nicely over the past few months, it’s hard to believe he was once considered the weakest talker and personality in The Shield. He’s a terrific bad guy.

Cena, too, is still very good, provided the writers don’t hinder him with terrible jokes.

The program with Rollins also gives Cena the appealing opportunity to end his career on a high note. He can put the former Ring of Honor wrestler over massively, and be the one who establishes him as a proper main eventer once and for all.

This would greatly help the star’s overall legacy in wrestling. He’s, frankly, done a rather weak job of helping get new talent over throughout his main event career.

If the company books it correctly, Rollins vs. Cena could be a tremendous and maybe even legendary program—and possibly one that could close out the former WWE champion’s career.

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