Italy-Based Nigerian Player Tayo Akinbinu Eyes Big Club Move

.ON THE MOVE: Tayo Akinbinu (right) dribbles an opponent during a match in Italy. –

Italy-based Nigerian player Oluwatayo Akinbinu, who has featured in various youth academies says it’s time he makes a big club move in Europe or other top leagues across the world to enable him take his game to the zenith, reports.

Tayo, who was born on 27 August, 1994 in Lagos Nigeria, moved to Italy on 29 February 2004, when he was just about nine years though he started playing the game at a very tender age.

“Football is my life and that’s what I like to do everyday. My grandmother bought me my first football when I was three years old and that was the best gift I received as a youth back then in my country”, Tayo told this newspaper in an interview.

“My first team in Italy was in the city where I lived, Rivarolo Mantovano where I played for the young team, after a year and a half I moved to Sanbendetto and I had a trial at San Bendettina”.

Tayo was just enjoying his youth football in the Sanbendettina when a another youth academy San Lazarro Football Club saw his talent and invited him to their team.

“I was bought by San Lazzaro FC and I didn’t disappoint the club because I won the championship academy with my teammates”, the soft speaking Nigerian youngster said.

After playing for that team for about four seasons, Tayo won two championships with his club and ended by scoring 40 goals. He then moved to Reggioolo in Emilia Romagna in the championship promotion between 2015-2016 and scored 10 goals.

Tayo later took his search for competitive football to Fabbrico FC still in the Italian set up in the 2016-2017 season where he signed a contract but could only play for half of the season because of an injury he suffered.

“I played only 10 games and scored five goals for Fabbrico FC before I signed for Marimirolo FC in Lombardia (Mantova) the following year (2017-2018) season, where I also scored six goals and we finished second in the league”.

Based on his skills, experience and years of featuring in youth football, Tayo believes he is ripe to play in a more competitive league, saying he is ready to face the tough challenge and now beckoning on interested clubs to come for his services. Tayo also said he is willing to come for trials anytime the clubs invite him.

Tayo also talked about some players that inspire him, explaining; “I like Ronaldo the Brazilian striker and Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha of Nigeria.

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