Infidelity: Adeyemo, Wife Set For Divorce

The six year-old marriage of a businessman, Mr Saheed Adeyemo, and his wife, Iyabo is set to crash after he dragged her to an Igando Customary Court to seek for a divorce over infidelity.

He told the court that his wife was promiscuous, declaring: “Anytime I leave home to go and look for money and food for the family, Iyabo would go on her adulterous business. I have caught her severally with men,” the man said.

The 45-year-old petitioner said that his wife always move out of the house whenever they have misunderstanding.

“When there is a minor misunderstanding between Iyabo and I, she used to move out of my home. She once left for four good years, but I accepted her back again.

“Iyabo even came along with two children she had for different fathers which was the proceed of her adultery,” the estranged man said.

He said that Iyabo is a threat to his life, saying:”Iyabo smashed my forehead with a thick plank and I was hospitalised for many days.”

He said that his wife starved him of sex.

“My wife has been denying me sex for about a year now,” he said.

He urged the Court to dissolve the marriage that has not produced any child.

However, his wife, Iyabo denied all the allegations.The 39-year-old trader said she has aborted five times for her husband, alleging that he was always using the blood of their aborted pregnancies for his personal sanctification.

“Whenever I am pregnant, he would bring a nurse to the house to abort my pregnancy, and he always used the blood to rub his head after he has done some incisions,” she said.

Iyabo said that she never denied her husband sex saying: “We made love two days ago and we still made love this morning, it is not true for him to have said that it was last year we last made love.”

According to her,  she did not leave her husband’s house for four years, rather, it was her husband who sent her packing.

“My husband threw my property out and during that time, I met some men whom I fell in love with, I then got pregnant and had my babies.

“He was the one that was calling me, begging me to come back and I returned with the children because the men I had babies for are a married men,” she said.

The respondent said that she was not adulterous, that her husband wanted to divorce her just because he wanted to bring in another woman.

Iyabo said that Saheed is ‘a hooligan and a drug addict’, adding that she begged him several times to stop smoking weed but he wouldn’t listen.

She however urged the Court to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of their marriage, saying she too was no longer interested.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to September 19 for judgement.

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