Impurity: Wife Who Slept With Her Brother-In-Law Faces Divorce

By Nike Adekunle –

“My wife is adulterous, I caught her on bed naked with my brother,” that was how a 55-year-old businessman, Mr Samuel Ajoh narrated his marital ordeal to an Igando Customary Court in Lagos.

He said that his wife of 13 years of marriage was having an affair with his younger brother.

“My wife is adulterous and sleeps around with different men, including my own brother. There was a time that I came home from a journey unannounced at 11:00 pm and met my wife and my younger brother stark naked on his bed.

“After seeing them together, my brother and I exchanged several blows, I sent him packing from my home that day but my wife still visits him where he is squatting with a friend till today,” he said.

The petitioner said that his wife drinks and smokes.

“The first day I came home from a month’s journey was when I first noticed that her mouth smelled of alcohol and cigarette.

“She has since grown to be an unrepentant smoker and drunk; she now drinks at will to the extent that they know her in all the beer parlours.

“She does not even have respect for her marital status or the integrity of our children; the situation has forced me to chase her out of my house in February this year, that’s why I want the dissolution of our marriage to be formalised now.

“We have summoned various family meetings to make her change, but all was to no avail,” the estranged man said.

He said that his wife was a ‘great threat’ to his life.

“My wife wanted to kill me by clutching and pulling my manhood whenever we are fighting, my two balls have suffered in her hands.

“There was a day she hit my head with an axe, I was hospitalised,” Ajoh said.

He also alleged that Lola was fond of stealing his money and also selling his property.

“My wife has sold some of my property without my consent and also has penchant for stealing, so much that I could no longer bring money home.

He said that the union had lost any affection needed in any good marriage and should therefore be dissolved.

The 37-year-old respondent, Lola, denied all the allegations. She said that she was neither promiscuous nor having an affair with her brother-in-law.

“When I was having back ache, I went to my brother-in-law’s room to help me massage it, we did not make love,” she said.

The businesswoman said that her husband lack care for her.

“My husband has not paid my bride price, yet, I have four kids for him. He did not allow me to work and only gives me N300 to prepare food for the family.

“When he eventually allowed me to open a shop where I sell engine oil, he accused me of going out with different men who are my customers, knowing the nature of the business I do,” she said.

The mother of four said that she does not smoke but admitted that she drink moderately.

She urged the court not to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of the marriage, that she was still in love.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to May 23 for further hearing.

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