My Husband Is A One-Minute Man

.Divorce-Seeking Chinyere Tells Igando Court –

By Nike Adekunle –

Eight years after a marriage was contracted, a 37-year-old businesswoman, Mrs Chinyere Nwaogu, approached an Igando Customary Court in a Lagos to dissolve her marriage over husband’s inability to impregnate her.

“My husband cannot impregnate me, in fact, he is impotent,” she said.

Chineye said that apart from her husband not able to impregnate her, that he cannot also perform well and that he was a one-minute man.

“My husband is not doing his job at all and it makes me sad. He does not satisfy me and does not last a minute in bed.

“I cannot continue in the marriage because he is unable to satisfy me sexually, I need good sex,” she said.

The petitioner said that she had to force her husband to go for medical check-up and it was confirmed that he was suffering from low sperm count.

“My husband has low sperm count. I bought the drugs prescribed by the doctor for him, but he refused to use them.

“He always said that he cannot use the drugs that God will do it but I am tired of hearing that because heaven helps those who help themselves and besides, God is not against drugs. 

“His refusal to take the drugs had resulted in frequent fighting because I need a child. We have been married for eight years without any issue,” she said, 

She made a fervent plea to the court to dissolve the marriage that had nothing to show for and that her love for her husband was dead. 

“Please, dissolve the marriage which has not produced any child and the love I once had for him had faded,” she said.

In his reaction, a 40-year-old businessman, Mr  Daniel Nwaogu, admitted he had low sperm count and that he was looking up to God for divine intervention.

“I am trying my best to satisfy my wife and I am also trusting God for a miracle. There is nothing God cannot do, she should exercise patience,” he said. 

The respondent accused his wife of adultery.
“My wife is engaging in extra-marital affairs, men always called her at odd hours.

“Anytime her phone rings, she will quickly pick it and run to the backyard to receive it, she can spend one or two hours before coming back to the room.

“There was a day I saw a love text message she sent to her man friend. I showed her the text, but instead of her to apologise, she warned me not to touch her phone again.

David said that Chineye goes out at will and comes back at will.

“My wife goes out without telling me and comes back at 11.00pm and whenever I query her, she would tell me she owns her life.

“And anytime she comes home, she will enter her room and lock me out,” he said.

He urged the court to save his marriage, saying that he still loves his wife.

The court President, Mr. Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to April 4 for judgment.

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