My Husband Impregnates Our House Maid

.Divorce Seeking Wife Tells Court –
By Nike Adekunle –

For allegedly making love with her 14-year-old housekeeper, a 35-year-old civil servant, Mrs Comfort Aina, has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to end her five-year-old marriage to her husband, Ayo.

She told the court that her husband was cheating on her with her maid.

“My husband is having affair with a girl I brought from my village to live with us. When the girl was sick, I took her to the hospital where it was confirmed that she is pregnant.

“My maid confessioned to me that my husband made love to her whenever I have gone to work. I was so mad and attacked my husband when we got home but instead of being sober and apologising for what he did, he beat me up severely.

“He called me a barren tree that cannot produce fruit. He warned me against sending the girl out of the house as well as treating her as a maid henceforth.

“Ayo even gave me an ultimatum: I either accept her or I leave his house. I have tried to talk to him to see reasons but it seems he has made up his mind. 

“My husband threatened to kill me if anything happen to my maid or the pregnancy. His mother too is in support of his actions as she wants a grandchild and she even told me that I am now the second wife,” she said.

The petitioner begged the court to dissolve the union that has not produced any fruit.

“Please, dissolve the union that had nothing to show for both now and in future, I can no longer continue to live with a man who cheated on me and still beat me,” she said.

Ayo, 40, a clearing agent, who did not deny any of the allegations, welcomed the divorce suit. He said that he only slept with their housekeeper on two occasions that he does mean to impregnate her.

“I only make love to her maid twice and she is pregnant but I have been making love to Comfort since five year ago, yet no pregnancy.

“Now that her maid is pregnant for me, I cannot asked her to abort it because I don’t want to be a murderer. I asked her to leave my house when she was making life unbearable for the maid,” he said

The respondent said that his wife lack care for him.

“My wife does not prepare my food on time, she does not wash my clothes but leave everything for the house help,” he said.

The court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to March 1, 2017 for judgment.

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