My Husband Is Dating My Friend, Woman Tells Court

By Nike Adekunle –

A 33-year-old businesswoman, Mrs Yemi Oladipo, has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve her five-year-old marriage over husband’s infidelity.

She said that her husband, Taiwo, was a womaniser that he was having a love affair with her friend.

“My husband is having an affair, I once stumbled on some pictures on his whatsapp messages where he and my friend were sending their naked pictures to each other.

“I also saw a message my friend sent to him asking him to balance her the money she used to abort his pregnancy,” she said.

“And I read where both were telling each other how much they loved themselves.I confronted him to let him know I read those messages, though he begged for forgiveness,” the estranged wife said.

Apart from infidelity, the petitioner also accused her husband of threatening her life.

“He once came into my room and was strangling my neck in my sleep but for the quick intervention of his mother who came visiting at the time I would have been a dead person.

“I have fainted three times this year during frequent beatings from my husband, which always landed me in the hospital, thank goodness I regained consciousness two to three days after,” Yemi said.

The mother of two begged the Court to terminate the union that she was no longer in love with her husband.

However, Mr Taiwo Oladipo, said that if his wife insists on divorcing him, she must return his gold because the gold was his inheritance.

Taiwo said that his mother gave him and his siblings a gold each to give to their wives when they got married with a condition that the wife must stay with them for life.

“When my mother was about to die, she called my three other brothers and I and gave us a gold each, telling us to give it to our wives, who would be with us for better for worst till death do us part.

“She told us the value of each gold, mine was 21 carats, valued at N200,000 as at 1995 when she died.

“And, my mother warned she would not forgive anyone who violates her order,” he said.

The respondent said that he had kept the gold for about 20 years before his wife came to borrow it in 2016 and refused to give him back.

“My wife borrowed my gold but has not returned it, now that she wants to divorce me, she must return the gold, it is not negotiable,” Taiwo said.

He said that when he asked his wife of the gold, she told him that she does not know where she kept it.I believe that she must have sold the jewellery as she used to sell my property,” he said and described Yemi as an ungrateful person.

“I gave her N500,000 free of charge when her father wanted to go for surgery, that was when her entire family could not raise the money,” he said.

On the infidelity accusation, Taiwo denied having a love affair with his wife’s friend.

He urged the Court to grant his wife’s wish for dissolution of their marriage that he too was no longer in love but insisted that she must first return his gold.

President of the Court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to July 18 for judgment.

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