My Husband Abandoned Me Because I Was Raped By Robbers

.Divorce-Seeking Woman Tells Court –

“My husband absconded with my children when I told him I was raped by armed robbers,” that was how a 45-year-old divorce-seeking businesswoman, Adaeze Ogori, narrated her ordeal to an Igando Customary Court in Lagos.

She told the Court that her husband, Onu, with whom she had five children in their 33-year-old marriage, ran away with their children to an unknown destination.

“My husband absconded with our children 18 years ago because I was raped by armed robbers.

“Onu always go clubbing, he takes hard drugs, gets drunk and comes home at odd hours.

“On that fateful day, around 11:30pm, I did not lock the gate because my husband has not returned home.
“Incidentally, some armed robbers invaded our house, stole our valuables and also raped me in turns.

“If my husband was at home, they would not have gained entrance into our compound because I must have locked the gate and they would not have raped me.

“Immediately they left, my husband staggered into our home drunk, when he was with his senses, I told him what happened. Since then, his behaving changed towards me,” she said.

The mother of five said that two days after the incident, before she returned from her office, her husband had absconded with the children.

“My husband disappeared with my children, when I called him on phone, he told me that the marriage was over that he cannot continue with a woman that had been raped.

“When I called one of my husband’s relatives, he told me that my husband relocated with the children to Port-Harcourt in River State.

“It is 18 years now that I have not seen nor heard from them,” she said.

The petitioner accused her husband, who refused to appear in Court after being summoned, of giving her first two daughters’ hands in marriage without her knowledge.

“I received an information that my husband married off my two daughters aged 31 and 29 in the month of January and April last year without informing or inviting me to the ceremony.

“I was told that the two gave birth this year but when I called my husband to send me my daughters’ addresses to enable me see my grandchildren, he refused.

“He does not want me to know where my married daughters live nor where he and my other children stay,” she said.

According to her, Onu no longer picks her calls.The embittered woman said that her husband deceived her into marriage at the age of 12 with a promise to her parents that he would send her to school. 

“When I was 12 years old, my husband came to my village to ask for my hand in marriage, he told my parents that he lived in a duplex in Lagos and that he is a businessman and owned a provision store.

“My parents told him that they cannot release me for marriage because I was too young and besides I was still schooling.

“Onu told my parents that he will send me to school after the marriage, so, my parents agreed and he paid the bride price ,” she said.

Adaeze however regretted that on getting to the city, she discovered that her husband was not what he made her and her parents believe he was.

“When I got to his house, I discovered that he was staying in a-room apartment, selling popcorn at the roadside and also refused to fulfill his promise of sending me to school”, she said.

The frustrated woman said she would not have reminded herself of the husband’s deceit but because he had turned out to be a brute, who beats her at the slightest provocation.

“Sometimes he will strip me and beat the hell out of me, he once punched me in my stomach and I lost my first pregnancy after the fight. I have lived every minute of my life in fear but I cannot go back to my parents because of the bride price he paid.

The respondent, Onu, when called by the Court on the telephone, said that the petitioner was no longer his wife that he has since moved on with his life.

“I can no longer have anything to do with a woman who was raped, please grant her her request for the dissolution of marriage,” he said.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to September 5 for further hearing. 

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