Hunters Take Battle To Boko Haram, Recover Mubi

A narrow part to victory was opened on Wednesday by beleaguered residents of Mubi town in Adamawa State, when they retook the town earlier captured by Boko Haram insurgents.

The insurgents overran the town, sacked the Nigerian troops and renamed it “Madinatul Islam”.

Reports said local hunters, vigilantes and the military defeated the insurgents and librated the town and its environs. Also, five Armoured Personnel Carriers seized from the military by the terrorists were allegedly recovered.

The 234 Army Battalion and similar formations, which had fallen to the insurgents, were taken back. Bala James Ngillari, Adamawa State Governor, Thursday, described the triumph of the insurgents as the “handiwork of God”. Also, Maiha Local Government Area formerly under Boko Haram’s control was reportedly recaptured on Wednesday by daring local hunters.

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