I Haven’t Found the Right Man -Genevieve

Movie producer Genevieve Nnaji says she is yet to meet the right hubby, so the actress is not getting married for now.

The single marital status of Genevieve Nnaji has been debated by many who feel the success of a woman isn’t complete without her crown, which is her husband. She is being coveted by several men across the country as well as suitors abroad.

To the disappointment of those who have for long expected Genevieve to choose a life partner and finally walk down the aisle, marriage does not seem to be in her agenda yet. Asked when she would finally take the plunge, the actress replies that contrary to speculations, she has not ruled out marriage. But that she would make up her mind as soon as she meets the right person.

“I haven’t found the right man yet. When he comes, I’ll get married,” the 36 years old told the punch.

At a time many movie fans in Africa are wondering if she has called it quits with film acting, celebrated actress, Genevieve just announced the arrival of her own movie following a long hiatus from the lighted screen.

Titled ‘Road to Yesterday’, the movie is produced by the actress and funded straight from her own pocket with additional support from African Magic, as she claims in an interview. But it is written and directed by Ishaya Bako.

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