Handball Body Plans For Youth Games’ Talents

The President of Handball Federation of Nigeria, HFN, Yusuf Dauda, has assured that the body would organise follow-up programme for the talents identified at the National Youth Games held in Abuja.
Dauda said the scheme, scheduled for 2014, would ensure that the upcoming players are groomed accordingly, to further develop their talents.
“I was particularly impressed by their performances at the Games, but there is need to also develop them with the technicalities required, to further enhance their skills.
“This will be a key project next year, because we are very passionate about grassroots development as they will, overtime, replace the present junior players”, Dauda said told nan.
He said the training programme would be organised to run side-by-side with the academic activities of the players, to avoid any clash.
“The people concerned are in school; so, we must have information on their academic activities, which will assist in designing a training schedule that will not affect their academics”.

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