Fresh Bomb Blast Kills 50 In Maiduguri Market

Human right to life, business activities and social life were again paralysed as another bomb blast hit a busy market in the city of Maiduguri, Borno  state on Tuesday, killing no fewer than 50 people.

An eyewitness told Reuters that the bomb which was concealed under a butcher’s table in the market went off at around 1pm local time, killing shoppers and travelers.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the latest explosion, which follows two bomb attacks over the weekend that killed at least 30 people and bore the hallmarks of militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

Lawal Kawu, a paramedic, said 31 charred bodies had been evacuated to the Teaching Hospital in Maiduguri, and several other people were brought in with severe injuries.

Other witnesses said they heard a loud explosion. “It shook our school building and I had to run away. I saw military vehicles with soldiers moving toward the area,” Abubakar Mohammed, a college student few meters away from the blast scene told Reuters.

The group is showing a return to its guerrilla tactics since losing the territory it gained in 2014 after successful offensives by Chadian, Nigerien and Nigerian troops over the past few months. It maintains a last stronghold in the Sambisa forest reserve.

Earlier in the day, Boko Haram fighters attacked the city, according to residents awakened by booming explosions, heavy gunfire and the screech of a jet fighter.

“We are under siege,” Sumaila Ayuba told The Associated Press by telephone just after midnight from her home on the western flanks of the city. “The shooting is quite deafening. Please we need prayers.”

President Muhammadu Buhari had announced at his inauguration on Friday that he is moving the military headquarters of the war from Abuja, the capital in central Nigeria, to Maiduguri.

The capital of Borno state is the birthplace of Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist group, and the biggest city in northeastern Nigeria.

On Saturday, rocket-propelled grenades hit some homes in Maiduguri, killing at least 16 people. Another 17 people died later Saturday when a suicide bomber blew himself up among people prostrating themselves in prayer outside a mosque.

On Sunday, a bomb at a market ripped off one man’s arm and wounded three other people.

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