How My Football Career Was Ruined -Halima

Halima Abubakar has said if not that she was not picked to join the Super Falcons from the club she played for back then, Jegede Babes, she would have become a footballer today.
The actress said she regrets not pushing her career in soccer forward then, because she now sees the money footballers make and now feels bad about it.
She also mentioned she started colour-blocking in Nigeria, before Nigerian ladies took over the trend. She said at first people insulted her, and when she didn’t stop, they started copying her and that was how colour blocking started. She is happy she is a trendsetter, she said.
Below is an interview she granted a national newspaper;

What was your dream job while growing up?

Actually, I thought I was going to become a lawyer because I love arguing. I also developed the passion for football and thought I would become a footballer at a point in my life. I had a lot of passion while I was growing up and I was confused at a point about what I wanted to become in life.

Did you eventually play football at any point in your life?

I played with Jegede Babes and I was meant to be drafted to the Super Falcons but I did not make the list and my career was cut short. I was not a very good runner. Looking back, I actually regret not pushing my football career.

Why do you have regrets?
Because I see the success and money footballers are making. Also, footballers are making a lot of impact in the world. I am equally grateful for my chosen career in acting. I am proud of where the industry has taken us. I might not be rich but I am very knowledgeable.

Do you see yourself as a trendsetter or you follow trends?

I am definitely a trendsetter. I’m eccentric and weird in my style. Sometimes, I don’t get it right but I am happy with the result. I’m always glad that I’m not copying anyone. In fact people copy me. When I started colour blocking, it was just for the fun of it and not because I did not know that I should not have more than three colours on my outfit.

So, you started the colour blocking trend?
Yes and people were criticising me but shortly after, they started doing the same thing. At a point, I outgrew that phase. I just believe people judge too much.

-Culled from Punch Newspaper.

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