Feed Tonight Foundation Begins Entrepreneurship Program With N1m Seed Fund

.Yomi Benson, MD/CEO, Culture Communications Ltd –

The need to continually impact on the society positively and in demonstration of its commitment as a brand and business to live a life of purpose, Culture Communications Limited, a wholly Nigerian marketing communications firm, launched Feed Tonight Foundation committed to drive one purpose; No one within its areas of influence would go to bed without having something to eat.

In taking this further, the foundation recently created Feed Tonight Foundation’s Entrepreneurship program (FTF Entrepreneurship Programme) that will give out N1,000,000 to any startup or idea that requires seed fund to succeed.

Speaking at the launch of this initiative, the Managing Director and CEO of the firm, Mr. Yomi Benson said, the contest is open to males and females within Nigeria, irrespective of educational background or ethnicity. Participation and opportunity to win would be easy but the applicants must demonstrate willingness and passion to succeed.

The FTF Entrepreneurship Program will be annual four-week events that will see one individual emerge as the winner of the prize money of (N1,000,000), as interested individual are to submit their business or ideas proposal through dedicated online platforms within a period of two weeks.

The proposals would be screened and top ten ideas shortlisted for final pitching session, while a day will be dedicated for the pitching session after which a winner will emerge same day.

The panelists for the final pitching session will be made up of distinguished Nigerians across various sectors of the economy who have distinguished themselves in management of business. It is important to state that you might already have a business that requires funding or have an idea that requires funding, whatever it is you qualify to participate in this N1,000,000 program.

According to the sponsor, it will be an added value if intending participants already have a business running. “For you to be part of this just go to www.feedtonight.org to register and submit your proposals. Come October 2019, the winner would be announced, and fund transferred easily into the winners account”, Yomi Benson said in a Press Release..

Culture communications is doing this because we believe; “Beyond profit we need purpose, beyond business you need purpose and beyond success you need a purpose that is what elevates your body, mind and soul”.

“A brand without purpose floats and lacks emotive connection, same for businesses, entrepreneurs and people. You can have all the money and sit on high tables with kings and king makers, if you lack purpose you lack the soul to be a real enabler. This is our own way to deliver on our purpose”, Benson added.

It will be recalled that in the last eight months, the foundation has fed over five thousand people, with the goal of giving hope and putting smiles on the faces of the hungry, believing that, no one within its areas of influence would go to bed without having something to eat.

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