Father’s Day Tragedy: Man Kills Wife, Commits Suicide

.As Their Two Children Become Orphans –

Two children, aged 7 and 3, became orphans on Father’s Day as their father stabbed their mother to death before committing suicide by drinking two bottles of insecticide in a crime of passion.

The incident which occurred at their Victory Park Estate residence in Lekki, Lagos, threw the neighborhood into mourning.

According to residents of the estate, the couple just moved into the estate three weeks ago and they were seen jogging the day before, Saturday 20th June.

The woman, identified as Olamide Omajuwa Alli was said to be the founder of Pearl Academy, Lagos.

She was aged 25 and was engaged to her killer, Chris Ndukwe, 39. It was said that they had dated on and off for over seven years and their wedding date had been fixed for August 2020.

A neighbour said they heard loud music coming from the couples’s house which continued for hours. This caused them to report to the estate authorities who visited the residence to caution them.

Upon getting to the house, they met the woman’s sister who was downstairs with the couple’s two children. The sister of the woman quickly ran upstairs to call the attention of the couple to the complaints brought by the estate authorities, but discovered that the door to the room was locked.

After several minutes, the estate authorities and the sister decided to break into the room where they met a terrible sight.

They discovered the woman’s corpse tied down with stab wounds all over her body, especially her eyes.

There were different knives on the floor, including a set of pliers and the woman’s hair had been shaved off.

In the words of a distraught neighbor, “the scene was just like a horror movie.”

It was said that the husband had questioned the paternity of their second child after they took a DNA test while processing their Canadian visa.

According to the Lagos State police command spokes person, Bala Elkana who confirmed the incidence, homicide detectives have already sealed up the crime scene.

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