My Expectations From Buhari

I’m excited to be back with this week’s edition of my column, titled “Total Governance”.
My mind is filled with questions on how the in-coming government, to be led by Muhammadu Buhari would steer the ship of the nation to the promise land.
It seems like earth can not be successfully governed by mankind. Throughout history, all national or international tragic conflicts have the result of the search for the perfect Government.
Inflation war, poverty war, ethnic & cultural war, religion dogma have enveloped the mass. The institutions that were elected to solve problems have become the main problem.
The world has tried different system and types of government and failed but today, Democracy is the tread of governing but the paradox of democracy is, Wining an election and the reins of government is one thing but governing is another.
My conclusion and reality of the global assessment of the 21st century governance is that the government staffs against the poor citizen.
The result has been an ever increasing spirit of disillusionment among most citizens of the nation. Even all of the seven billion humans on Earth are seeking for the perfect government. Likewise in Africa’s most populous country Nigeria.
What is government? I inscribe it as an institutional system that oversees the establishing and dispensing of the constitutional legal rights, privileges, protections, resources, and responsibilities of the nation in the best interest of the citizen.
The crew and I congratulate President-elect, Buhari and associates as they get set to take over power from the out-going government led by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
Truth is that Nigerians are hoping for a smooth transition come 29 May, 2015, and of course, having exercised their voting rights a lot is expected from the in-coming administration.
However, let’s be realistic, four years isn’t enough to fix the eluded back drop of inherited debts and decay of infrastructures like electricity, roads, water, education, and of course the economy, which are in terrible state in Nigeria at the moment.
Going tactically by using football approach, maybe we say 4.4.2 formation in number of years to fix things?
To call a spade its real name, the resources available in Nigeria show the country is still rich, but it must be noted that some areas amenities have not been exploited.
Interestingly, our image, intellect, culture, vast land and industries to mention just a few depict the nation is blessed.
With abundance of water and Sun, the Atlantic Ocean is available for solar energy and we have the best and stable weather amongst the lucky nations of the world.
What about fruits from agricultural products or resin- oil?
History told us that Adam was the first man on earth, though he had the resources but he still did not know what do with them.
To fix Nigeria, my advise to the newly elected President, Buhari is to select a gifted and positive thinking team.
He should select capable Nigerians including those in the diaspora who are ready to serve the nation, and not those lobbying for positions to benefit themselves.
Buhari needs those with gifted ability to produce, create, innovate and transformed the nation to be an envy of other top countries in the world.
The qualities that those in government must possess include: General Intellectual; Specific Ability, Creativity, Leadership ability and Advanced Cognitive and Effective Capacity for conceptualizing societal problems.
They should proffer solutions to social or environmental problems and generate original ideas and solutions. As at now when things are not going well in Nigeria due to mal-administration, the country need highly creative and unique people.
The President’s advisers must also have imagination; and must be risk-takers to do the right thing. They must be adventurous pro-active with crucial decisions.
His right hand men need to work hard to meet the needs of society with honesty, competence and lead by example.
In summary, the formation of human capabilities, creation and maintenance of an environment must enable all individuals of any society to flourish on their own, leading to massive contribution to nation-building.
Ironically, over 170 million Nigeria expect the so called ‘Change’ over-night
All the same, try to recall that your gift and job are not the same. Your gift is what you are born to do, while your job is what you are paid to do.
I wish our in-coming President Buhari and his team the best when they assume office this week.
I shall stop this edition here, do join me right here in for the next edition of my column.
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Peter Ijeh,
ULc, BSs.

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