Enosoregbe Tipped To Rule African Tennis

By Ebenezer Osamo –

Following his impressive performance which has seen him rise to the country’s number one spot, Clifford Enosoregbe has been tipped to top the African Chart as well.
This was the verdict of national junior tennis coach, Ubale Mohammed in an interview with eyeonthesports.com shortly after Enosoregbe was announced as Nigeria’s number one player.
Ubale maintained that he has known the player since his African Junior Championship, AJC days and always knew that his rise to the top would be imminent due to his high work rate.
“I have known Enosoregbe since he was thirteen years old. We first travelled for the AJC then in Egypt before I brought him back to Kaduna with me.
“He is a very hardworking boy and has a good sense of discipline, so I was not surprised when I heard about his recent performances.
“If he is properly guided, monitored and well preserved, nothing can stop him from being Africa’s number one male tennis player anytime soon because he has all it takes as an individual”, the coach explained.
Meanwhile, the player himself has made it clear that being the country’s number one player has not changed his status in any way.
Enosoregbe who spoke with eyeonthesports.com, believes that such position will certainly increase his work rate, even as he is planning to attend a tournament in the Republic of Benin.
According to the Edo-State born tennis star, “To me, being the country’s number one has not changed anything about me. I remain my humble self but the only thing it adds to me is that I will have to work harder than I used to.
“That’s the only way to maintain the tempo and ensure that I do not disappoint myself. Right now, I don’t know if I should attend a tourney in Benin or not because I don’t want to waste my resources”.

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