Elderly Couple Weds 65 Years After Living Together

This is quite amazing! A 94-year-old man has married his 84-year-old sweetheart whom he has been living with for the past 65 years.

Manica Post reports that the colourful wedding was organised by the couple’s children. Naume Nyamhindu tied the knot with Rerutsai Stephanie Chikomba at Chisuko Anglican Diocese in the Eastern Highlands, Honde Valley, Zimbabwe.

“The main reason that I have wedded my wife, of course with the help of my children is because I love her. I still love her because she gave me 11 good children whom I consider to be my brothers and sisters. It was love at first sight. The love which we had 65 years ago has never died since day one,” he said softly.

Sadly, four of the Chikombas’ sons and daughters have passed away and the couple is left with one surviving daughter and six sons.

Giving reason why he is wedding his wife now, the man said he would have wedded his wife way back, but they were facing financial constraints as they had to look after 11 children and an extended family.

“We could not afford a white wedding back then because we had a very large family that needed taking care of and stayed in Sakubva’s Chisamba quarters when I worked at Sisal Hotel and retired in 1979,” he said.

After retirement they then settled in Chisuko rural area where he is the current headman under Chief Chikomba.

He also revealed the secret of his old age and happy marriage. Nyamhindu said: “You should have privacy in your marriage with your spouse and not divulge everything to so-called friends. My husband was and still is my best friend and young people nowadays should learn the importance of privacy and not tell everyone everything.”

She also said traditional foodstuffs and abstaining from alcoholic drinks as well as drugs had helped them to live long. The Chikombas have 21 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren.

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