El-Kanemi Opt For Kano

El-Kanemi Warriors will now play their home matches in the Nigeria Premier League in Kano after their home ground Maiduguri was suspended.
On Friday, the Nigeria League body cited current security intelligence following recent deadly attacks by the terrorists’ group, Boko Haram for the suspension of the Maiduguri Stadium.
El-Kanemi Chairman Mohammed Zana told MTNFootball.com that though they are yet to be formally informed by LMC of this decision, they will choose Kano as their home ground if they can no longer play at their home ground.
“We don’t have a choice than to choose an alternative venue if LMC said we can’t play here in Maiduguri, but as I speak with you, we have not received official statement that league matches won’t hold in Maiduguri from the LMC”, Zana told MTNFootball.com.
“But if that is the case, we will go for Kano. We have handful of supporters there in Kano and we will feel at home playing there”.
El-Kanemi set up a pre-season training camp in Kano before the new season began last week. They played all their home games in Maiduguri last season, winning all but one of those games to finish fourth on the league table.

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