Drunk Man Enters Co-Tenant’s Room, Fondles Breast Of Neighbour’s Wife

.Drama In Court As He Prostrates Begging Wife Not To Divorce Him –

By Nike Adekunle –

Mr Internacious Aja, a married man got himself into serious trouble recently when he came home drunk and mistakenly entered their co-tenant’s room.

According to Mrs Rose, Aja’s wife, her drunk husband entered into one of their co-tenants bedroom and slept beside his wife, who was fast asleep wearing only pant.

“When my neighbour came in around 11:00pm and saw my husband on his matrimonial bed with his hand on his wife’s breast, he raised an alarm”, a divorce seeking Mrs Rose told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, on Friday, 10 February, 2017.

However, there was mild drama at the Court, when Mr Aja, a security guard, burst into tears and prostrated before his divorce-seeking wife begging her not to divorce him.

“Please, my beloved wife, do not divorce me, give me a second chance,” he said

Internacious, 50, was dragged to court by his wife of 25 years marriage, Rose, 47, over his excessive alcoholic consumption.

“Internacious is fond of consuming excessive alcohol, which always made him to misbehave and talk in an incoherent manner. My husband drinks to stupor, after which he usually loses self control.

“On that day that my husband entered into our co-tenant’s room, as I said, my neighbour came in around 11:00pm and saw my husband on his matrimonial bed with his hand on his wife’s breast, he raised an alarm and other neighbours rushed out, they descended on my husband through beating and it was after the beating that my husband’s eyes were cleared.

“Most times, people call me to come and carry my husband that he has fallen inside the gutter. I always rush to the location, drag him out with the help of some good samaritans and take him home,” she said.

According to her, “My husband does not care for me, he is working but he spends all his salary on beer and comes home with an empty envelop. He does not pay any bills, I paid the rent, electricity and other bills.

“I had warned him several times to stop drinking but he refused; I don’t want to get into any problem in case if anything should happen to him as he does not have any relations in Lagos,” she said.

Rose said that her husband always threatening her life with dangerous weapons.

“My husband always threatens my life with dangerous weapons most especially when he is drunk. There was a day I was sleeping, he came home with a cutlass and was threatening to behead me if I did not undress fast for him to make love to him.

“I quickly complied because I know he can do it as he has stabbed me with a bottle before when I told him that I will not allow him to make love to me when he is drunk,” the estranged woman said.

The petitioner said that she was fed up with the marriage that had not produced any child and that she can no longer cope with her husband’s misbehaviour.

“For how long will I continue to bear it? I am tired of enduring this marriage, Internacious is not the only man on this earth, I have wasted 25 years with him.

“He had made me a “laughing stock in our neighbourhood, I am tired of the embarrassment, please terminate the union,” she said.

However, the respondent, Internacious, who did not denied any of the allegations levelled against him by his wife promised to turn a new leaf.

“I am ready to write an undertaking to be of good behaviour. Court, please, help me beg my wife not to divorce me, I will change, I cannot get a woman who can tolerate me as my wife does,” he said.

The court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, after listening to the couple adjourned the case to March 1 for further hearing.

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