Dolphins’ Olowo Set For Marriage

Emmanuel Olowo is one of the few experienced centre-backs in the Glo Premier League whose trade has seen him play for Heartland, Sunshine Stars and currently former champions, Dolphins. Olowo has won several matches as a player and can also boast of two Federation Cup winning medals.
However, it is now time for the defender to start winning matches and trophies off the pitch and in one of life’s biggest learning curves – marriage.
The Kogi-State born defender will, at the end of this month, say “I do” to his sweetheart, who is a graduate of medicine. Olowo will walk down the aisle with his lovely partner in the ancient city of Owerri, the Imo state capital.
Surely a lot of people will try to put the jig-saw of a footballer in the Glo Premier League hooking a medical doctor, but the journey of the two lovebirds started about five years back when Emmanuel’s solid heart convinced the gentle and pretty Chiamaka to be the woman by his side.
Of course it took the soft-spoken defender some time to convince the fresh graduate but once he did, they got going and have been dating through her days at the Imo State University (IMSU) Owerri.
It has been a typical relationship which has endured its good and bad spells but with the former obviously more in duration and pleasurable events which will culminate in the Holy Matrimony at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, World Bank area in Owerri.
Brought up in the busy areas of Kaduna, Emmanuel is eagerly looking forward to that glorious day and in an interview with, he tells us (among other things) why he cannot wait to settle with his family and how helpful his club, Dolphins have been as he finalize preparations for the day. Excerpt:

Q: Congratulations Emma on your upcoming wedding ceremony, for a start, can you tell us when it will be happening and where?
Olowo: Thanks bro. The date is Saturday 30th August, 2014 at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Owerri.

Q: So how has the preparations been, and how supportive has your club and teammates been?
Olowo: Well, I thank God, preparations have been smooth so far, I have had to travel here and there to get things done. My club has always been supportive; I didn’t travel for our last match which was against my former team Sunshine Stars because I had to travel to do some other stuff too. I still also believe and counting on their support the more.

Q: Good, why do you now think this is the right time for you to marry?
Olowo: [smiles] Well, I think it is a normal thing to get married but I personally believe that it is good for a man to marry early so that my children can grow up with me then I can give them whatever kind of parentage I consider best for them.

Q: That’s fair, so can we meet your fiancée?
Olowo: My beautiful damsel’s name is Chiamaka Alger, a graduate of medicine at IMSU in Owerri and currently having her national service.

Q: If you are to choose, where would you prefer to settle down with your family?
Olowo: Ermmm, for now I’m based in Kaduna. My personal house, some of the little businesses I have and my belongings are there in Kaduna. But to be sincere with you, I’m used to Owerri more now than any other place and I would prefer there too.

Q: And now that you are about becoming a family man, what are your aspirations in life especially knowing that playing football is not an eternal job?
Olowo: My aspiration in life is to ensure that I try all my possible best to take good care of my family and in terms of my career, I’m praying to God to move it further.

Q: Further in what terms? Do you plan to move abroad or go into coaching?
Olowo: Unfortunately, many people believe that as a player in the Nigerian league, you have to go to Europe to make it. It is not true, you can still make it here. So I will still remain here and after my playing career, I have some small businesses I am doing at present so that is what I will go into.

Q: So, you don’t like coaching or being NFF President?
Olowo: [Laughs] No oooo, I’m okay with my business.

Q: All the same thanks for your time Emma.
A: I’m very grateful bro.

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