Dolphins Foes Leones Arrive Nigeria Thursday

Dolphins FC opponents in the CAF Confederation Cup Leones Vegetarianos are expected to arrive in Port Harcourt on Thursday evening for Saturday’s crunch encounter.
Dolphins lost 1-0 in the 1st leg in Malabo on Saturday, February 14, 2015 and need a two goal win to sail through to the 2nd round in regulation time.
The Equatorial Guineans sent in an advanced party to Port Harcourt on Wednesday to work out logistics for the rest of the team that arrive later on Thursday evening.
They will be lodged at the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel in GRA Port Harcourt.
Dolphins have always beaten Equatorial Guinean clubs in the CAF Champions League.
In 2005, after losing 1-0 in the away leg to Renascimiento of Malabo, Dolphins won 3-0 in Port Harcourt.
In 2012, after winning 3-0 in the away leg against Sony E La Nguema, Dolphins won 3-1 in Port Harcourt.
Dolphins have however not played against any side from Equitorial Guinea in the CAF Confederation Cup.

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