Dolphins Comb Communities For Fans

Dolphins Football Club have decided to return to the communities to enhance better relationship with their fans.
On Monday, the management of the team paid a visit to the Chairman of Eleme Local Government Area, Orji Ngofa to seek a better relationship with the people of the Area.
Dumbo Awanen, General Manager of the club said during the meeting that they want to return to the communities since that is the only way clubs can get their fans back.
“We want to collectively achieve today and that is why we are here to meet with you,” Awanen told the chairman. He also conferred on Ngofa the title of “Patron of the club”
Orji Ngofa simply said he was happy that his interest in the club had been re-jigged as he used to be a fan of the club.
“I know most of the players and officials of the team since I used to watch the club regularly, but when I got disillusioned with the bad officiating in the league I stopped and moved over to watching European Leagues”, he said.
“But I am sure with this move, my interest has been rekindled in Dolphins and the Nigerian League.
Dolphins had previously visited the mayor of Port Harcourt, Chimbiko Akarolo, and disclosed it is in their bid to return the club to the communities.

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