Delta Men Are Afraid Of Me, Says Olejeme

•Submits Nomination Form –

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme Friday said she would focus on education, agriculture, health and building of infrastructure.
“I will create more jobs, ensure budget surplus, provide a transparent and interactive government, promote employment-friendly policies and also pay contractors”, Olejeme said.
Speaking with journalists shortly after submitting her expression of interest and Nomination forms to the PDP National Organizing Secretary, Alhaji Abubakar Mustapha, in Abuja on Friday, Olejeme said she is running for governorship election so she can make Delta State a place where businesses can innovate with less red tape, where there are good jobs and economic growth for families and an excellent public education for children.
“Deltans need affordable health care”, she said.
Olejeme, who stormed the party’s national Secretariat with her loyalists to support her expression of interest and nomination forms to contest the Delta State governorship election promised to encourage potential businesses by reviewing the current regulatory environment and business taxes.
She also identified service to the people as the driving force to her ambition to contest the Delta State governorship seat.
“This is a divine mandate. I am not in the race for material things. I have traveled across the state and spoken to thousands of Deltans about the future of the state. I’m the best for Delta State. I have the capacity and intellect to deliver and to move Delta State to greater height- from the height we are presently and to build an El Dorado for our people”.
Stressing that she has overall framework to direct Delta State to the fundamental values of the founding fathers, Olejeme said she would work tirelessly for the state and people of Delta.
“God has always been my backbone and where the Lord places me, I will always perform wonders there. The turnaround of NSITF speaks volume of
my performance and leadership qualities. If God gave me a moribund
organization and within a space of one year, God turned that moribund
organization to the envy of all those who know about it, then God will use me to do wonders in Delta State.
She appealed to the leadership of the party to provide a level playing field for all legitimate aspirants to express themselves in a truly democratic and fair manner.
“As regard the ward congress, I won’t want to comment on it now for reasons best known to me. As regard the governor endorsing somebody, I am not aware of that. The governor has not told me that he endorsed anybody. PDP is a strong party. It is a party that knows its worth. I will expect a level playing ground for all aspirants”
“In Delta State today, I am the number one governorship aspirant. Infact, the men are intimidated by me. They are jittery. They are so afraid of me. They are my brothers and I expect them to support me at the end of the day. I am the candidate to beat during the PDP primaries in Delta State.

“I am the best candidate to challenge anybody from the opposition parties in the state from among the aspirants bidding for the PDP ticket in Delta State”, Olejeme said.
Urging PDP delegates to vote for her, Dr. Olejeme said “Your vote is your statement of what you want the state to be in future”.
On the journey so far, Olejeme said “Becoming a governor is a privilege, and to earn that privilege starts with standing by your word and proving your sincere interest to fulfill the obligations you have made to the people”.
“I spent the last few months crisscrossing Delta State and meeting thousands of the people. I believe that candidates for office owe the public an opportunity to vet them, answering questions about their lives directly and thoroughly. I have put in a lot of hard work as the chairman of NSITF. I have dealt with issues that matter – whether it’s social security, employees’ compensation and job creation. I have everything the people want. Delta State needs a new face and ideas which Dr. Olejeme represents”.
“I have contributed a lot to the growth of Delta State. The state has really not given me anything. Some of the aspirants have been local government chairmen, special assistants, special advisers, commissioners and secretary to the government. I have not benefited anything from Delta State. I have given to Delta State and will continue giving to Delta State. I am in the race to do the will of God”.
Looking at other governorship aspirants in the state, Olejeme said “I am one of Nigeria’s most energetic performers, bridge builder and the only candidate with the leadership experience and proven record of transformation at the national level”
“I represent the best chance for moving Delta State forward. I have been accepted across the length and breadth of Delta. I worked hard and consulted with Delta people outside the country. I traversed the nook and crannies of the state. I am energized, and I am confident as we move forward to the primaries on November. 29. I will win the 2015 governorship election”, she said.

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