Dead Lizard Found In Can Of Tomatoes

Recent report claims a couple preparing lunch were shocked to find an ‘extra meat’ in the recipe, a dead lizard in a can of tomatoes.
Muhammad Hussain and his wife Sanam made the grisly discovery as Mrs Hussain was cooking a curry on Thursday at their home in Alum Rock, Birmingham, UK.

Mrs Hussain, who is seven months pregnant, said the sight of the creature had made her feel ill. Euro Foods, which distributes the product, said it was investigating how the lizard could have got into the tin.

Mr Hussain said he was alerted by his wife’s screams. He said: “My wife was making lunch for me and our 15-month-old son. When she opened the can, she saw something and screamed at me to come through. I saw it was a dead baby lizard.

“We are worried about food poisoning. The can was part of a pack of 12. We had already eaten seven of them. Now my wife is off her food”.

Mr Hussain said he had bought the cans at Masala Bazaar, an Asian supermarket in Birmingham which is owned by Euro Foods. Euro Foods said it had contacted its Italian supplier to find out how the lizard got into the tin.

The company said: “This is a major concern. We are in touch with the family and are going to collect the offending can and have it analysed to see at what stage of the process the lizard got introduced.

“Once we have investigated, we will put in controls to stop this happening again”.

-Source: bbc.

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