Davido’s Thorny Path To Limelight

By only 21 Davido managed to put his name on the lips by releasing his debut album; Omo Baba Olowo.

He has quickly developed a huge fan base all over Nigeria, U.S.A and even in the U.K. From his first single, ‘Back When,’ that has gotten a lot of media attention Davido has become highly successful singer.

Davido was born in Atlanta GA, USA on 21 November to Mr. And Mrs. Adeleke and attended The British International School, Lagos. His father is a Nigerian business magnate while his late mother was a university lecturer.

Davido’s father Dr. Deji Adeleke, chairman of Keplo-Pacific Energy Pacific, is also the founder and pro-chancellor of Adeleke University, Ede in Osun State.

When David told his father a few years ago that he wanted to pursue a career in music, he was not supported in it. Dr. Deji Adeleke had seen his son making a career in law, medicine or finances.

Davido’s father tried everything to convince Davido to drop the idea of making career in music. But the future star didn’t want to hear anything and eventually his father has finally given his blessings and supports him every step of the way.

Here is what he told the media about his decision to venture into music: “I’ve been doing music for about years but I took it seriously in March 2011.

“I was formerly in a group called KB international in America. It wasn’t working out so I thought I should just do this on my own that was when I moved back to Nigeria.

“I was around people that were musically inclined. I love music, and why not do something you love and are happy doing and making money at the same time”.

Often asked where his inspiration comes from, Davido says that the memory of his mother inspires him. He explains “I like it when people are happy and when they can dance to my music! My mom liked to dance to music and I am inspired when I think of the kind of beats that would make her dance.

“She’s the reason I do what I do… I like it when people are joyous, it reminds me of my mother’s personality. Her spirit. My mom loved to dance too. When I’m in the studio, my motivation is to create the kind of beats that would make her dance… I plan on continuing her legacy”.

Davido says that losing his mother was the most traumatizing experience he has even gone through and everything he does is for her, to carry on her legacy, her love to entertain. His mother passed on in 2003.

“Back When” released in 2011 was the first song of Davido that announced his brilliant career. However, it took two years for the artist to be known outside of Nigeria.

By now Davido has been awarded 26 times with different awards and was nominated 48 times. Recently Davido announced the official release date of his new album BADDEST, which is September 2015. According to his management, Davido and his team are currently wrapping up the album.

Davido is currently a recording artist, performer and record producer. That young star is amazingly talented and whatever he works on he reaches success.

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