Davido: Never Knew I’ll Be Rich At 22

The undisputed man of the year in Nigeria’s music scene Davido is surprised to be so rich at just 22 years.

Davido, who  just released a new video titled ‘Naughty’, featuring DJ Arafat, concurs he has really worked hard for himself but never believed he can hit it big that easily at such a young age.

The ‘Skelewu’ singer shared the above photo with this short note on his twitter account, explaining his current ‘Money-Man’ mood; ‘I never knew I will be so rich at 22’.

The Nigerian hip pop star, is no doubt blessed with fame, fortune, luxury vacations, exotic cars, mansions, and other luxurious assets including his exotic mercedes truck.

Davido’s recent video, directed by Sesan is a fitting loud party theme with an army of sexy ladies bursting with energy to match the thumping rhythm of the audio, and Davido and DJ Arafat thrown right smack in the middle of it all.

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