Danagogo Replies Rivers Information Commissioner

Re: Unleashing Terror On Kalabari Voters – Amaechi’s Failed Bid To Do So In Abonnema

My attention has been drawn to the fact that Governor Amaechi, in his usual style of brazenly subverting truth and creating fictitious scenarios to cover up his crimes, has unleashed his hordes of dogs to deploy his huge propaganda machinery at the expense of Rivers peoples’ funds to stand the truth on its head, and tarnish my reputation in order to cover up his failed attempt to unleash terror on Abonnema to coerce my kith and kin to vote the APC.
The truth is that Amaechi hired and brought into Abonnema over 100 armed foreign thugs on Thursday night. My people woke up on Friday morning to notice the presence of these fierce looking strange thugs.
God gave our youths the presence of mind to come together to go and ask the thugs who they were. This attracted the Police and Army in the Local Government Area.
Upon being convinced of the criminally deadly mission of these thugs, the Army arrested them with their arms and detained them at the Army base for further interrogation.
While this was ongoing, many APC stalwarts like Amaechi’s Commissioner for Urban Development, Mr Isobo Jack, and the Caretaker Chairman, Mr Fenibo M Jack made several representations and appeals to the Army and Police to release their thugs.
When they failed, a call was put across to the Governor to come to their aid to release their thugs. To our shock and chagrin, in less than an hour, the Governor arrived at the Police Station and was shamelessly barking orders at the DPO and Army Officers to release his thugs immediately.
This show of shame by the Governor right in front of the Police Station in the full public glare attracted passersby, youths and others who took exception to his dismal conduct and revolted and started booing and cursing him for bringing thugs to destroy our peaceful community.
He was thus forced to run out of the Police Station and out of the community in shame. By the time I heard what was happening and rushed to the Station, I only saw him driving off. This forced the youths to insist that the Army must mount road block at the community entrance to conduct stop and search to stop arms and foreign thugs from entering our peaceful community.
The effort of the Army in the stop and search, yielded immense dividends as so many more foreign thugs were arrested with arms, while others turned back and ran away. The said thugs and their arms were taken away and detained at Bori Camp (the PH Army Base).
It is this divine intervention by God and the Army that enabled the peaceful atmosphere that pervaded throughout the Saturday elections in Abonnema and a frustrated Amaechi from causing his intended mayhem as he did in our neirbouring Buguma community.
It is thus surprising that he rather went back to deploy his dogs to make this criminal attempt to kill the truth and tarnish my reputation.

By Tammy Danagogo
Sports Minister/Chairman, National Sports Commission.

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