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Hello sports fans, it’s a pleasure for me to be back with this edition of my column titled: ‘Cult Of Personality & Leadership’.

The ultimate purpose for leadership is not to maintain followers but to produce leaders in them.

Ideally, the goal of true leadership is to inspire others to discover their leadership gifts so they can serve their country and rest of the world.

Born leaders produce future leaders, and the passion of a true leadership is to create leadership in others.

Every law is promogated to guarantee success but if the law is only against the poor, then it makes such society very backward and insane.

Success is a result of decision likewise failure is a result of decision because what you decide determines your destination.

I am talking more about the theories of leadership here because it affects all sectors of the government, which also includes football administration and sports generally.

Looking at the paradox; one realises that bureaucracy without function of purpose results in failure.

Much ado about what happened to coach Stephen Keshi, otherwise known as the Big Boss. Keshi was given the boots after a prolonged leadership crisis with Nigeria Football Federation.

If this could happen to Keshi, then it can happen to anyone. How long will Nigeria continue with political retrogression occasioned by godfatherism, self centered politicking and favouritism, especially in choices of personnel to fill vacant Nigerian offices?

Keshi, for example is just one of the ex-internationals, who served this country home and abroad to the best of their abilities.

Not just that they promoted and defended the image of the country, the former athletes have corresponding degrees and licenses with their foreign counterparts, who are often preffered for national duties.

If Nigerians cannot love themselves, who then will love Nigerians? The way some compatriots treat fellow country men and women calls for serious concern.

Why solid leadership is inevitable;
– nothing happens without leadership
– nothing begins without leadership
– nothing improves without leadership
– nothing develops without leadership
– nothing changes without leadership
– nothing progresses without leadership
– nothing succeeds without leadership

In other words, leadership is the source of human life. Good leaders employ others, great leaders deploy themselves and others. The word; employ here means; the leaders use others’ gift to benefit themselves while ‘deploy’, in this context means they use their gifts for the benefit of others.

However, the goal of leadership is to serve or be of service to others, so think about it.

Hope you enjoyed this brief piece, join me again in as the next edition of my column is on the way.

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