Court Dissolves Marriage Between Muideen And Morufat Akinyemi

By Kayode Ayeni,Ibadan –

A 37 year old Contractor, Akinyemi Muideen has approached the Magistrates Court in Mapo Ibadan, Oyo State, for the
dissolution of his marriage of 9 years with Morufat Akinyemi. The union has produced two children.

“I urge the court to dissolve our union because my wife disobeys me all the time and she is very troublesome, she has no respect for me. I use to take care of her and I have tried my best to make her leave the trade she is doing, but she is not ready to listen to me.

“I have to marry another wife to check her excesses, she slso fights me and my mother regularly and there is no love between us anymore”, the estranged husband told the court.

In her own reaction, the respondent, a 31-year-old trader, Morufat Akinyemi said that her husband is ungrateful and only wanted the divorce because she is an illiterate and urge the court to grant his wish.

“I sponsored him through tertiary institution with my sweat, I will give him money and foodstuffs whenever he is going to school. I use to risk my life to take money to him in school and also sponsored him with my bussiness money.

“He impregnated a woman and begged me that he would not marry the woman which he later did. I gave birth to my last born through an operation. My husband was no where to be found and I had no option than to borrow money from our landlady to foot my medical bills”.

After listening to both parties, the Court President, Chief Odunade Ademola chides the plaintiff for being unruly in Court and also for his high handedness, and having heard the evidence given, the court granted the dissolution of the marriage immediately.

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