Concussion: Doctor Monitors Del Rio

*Bryan (left) goes for a dangerous one against Fandango during their fight. –

WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio is currently undergoing top treatments after he suffered a concussion during a match with Sin Cara early this week at Raw, according to WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann.
After speaking with Del Rio following his match, it was determined that he suffered the injury as a result of a top-rope sunset flip power-bomb.
Following some initial testing, Dr. Amann diagnosed Del Rio with a concussion and will be re-evaluating him, as well as administering an ImPACT test to determine a timetable for the former World Heavyweight Champion’s recovery.
Meanwhile, it’s only fitting that the 2013 Slammys kicked off with a bout between two of its biggest nominees: Not only did Daniel Bryan and Fandango go head-to-head in several categories, but they also battled out the first tilt of the evening when Raw convened in Seattle.
Unfortunately for the Breakout Star of the Year nominee, Bryan denied Fandango any in-ring glory, although the hometown hero’s night ended on an ominous note when all was said and done.
Bryan fed off the energy of his fellow Washingtonians to force Fandango onto his heels, but the dancing king gritted his way through the former WWE Champion’s kicks to gain a brief advantage.
A missed top-rope leg drop proved the difference-maker, giving Bryan all the room he needed to finish Fandango off with a flying headbutt and running knee.
Bryan didn’t get to “YES! YES! YES!” his way into the sunset, though, as Bray Wyatt appeared on the TitanTron and offered Bryan one last chance to join his Family or face his wrath; an offer that was met with an emphatic “NO!” that may cost Bryan dearly this weekend.

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