Chima Rapes Me 10 Times Daily, Says Housewife Lucy

By Our Reporter –

A 37-year-old housewife, Mrs Lucy Ezeifo, has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, saying her husband is found of raping her.

The mother of four children said that she has been a victim of rape frequently by her own husband, Chima, of seven years in marriage.

“My husband can sleep with me up to 10 times in a day, he does not get tired. He does this every day.

“And anytime I tell him that I am tired, he will tore my clothes, beat and rape me.

“On many occasions, he had tied me to the bed to rape me. I have reported him to his family members who told him to reduce sex to four times a day, but my husband refused to comply.

“This has resulted in several quarrels and we keep the disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood all the time.

“Even the neighbours are tired of us and our constant fights so much so that our landlord is threatening to evict us from the house.

“My husband will rape me to dead one day if I remain in the marriage,” she said

The respondent accused her husband of infidelity saying that she had caught him severally with a particular woman at a particular spot at odd hours.

“I have caught my husband many times with a woman behind a transformer near our house, kissing and romancing,” the estranged woman said.

She accused her husband of turning her into a punching bag.

“Chima always beat me, there was a day he dragged me outside, stripped me naked and descended on me through beating.

“He did not stop until he see blood coming out of my body. Please, end this loveless marriage, I may not be lucky to regain consciousness next time my husband beats me to pulp,” she said.

However, Chima, said that he did not rape his wife that he was only exercising his matrimonial right.

“Too much sex does not kill, instead it make a woman to look good and robust. How will she say I rape her for Christ’s sake, I know how much I paid for her dowry, how will she be dictating for me when to have sex and not.

“Besides, I am not a stick nor stone, I have to do it to keep body and soul together” he said.

The 45-year-old spare parts dealer said that he was not having affair with the woman his wife mentioned, claiming that the woman is a friend.

“My wife is a very jealous woman who would always accuse me of having extra marital affairs. The woman she saw was just a friend and it was business we always discuss,” he said.

He urged the court not to grant his wife’s wish for the dissolution of their marriage, that he was still in love.

President of the Court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, after listening to the couple adjourned the case to June 13 for further hearing.

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