CHAN: Leopards First To Arrive South Africa

One-time winners of the inaugural African Nations Championships, CHAN, the Democratic Republic of Congo was the first team to officially arrive in South Africa on Sunday, 29 December, for the tournament.
The arrival of the DRC, otherwise known as ‘The Leopards’, are based in Polokwane for their Group D encounters against Gabon, Burundi, and Mauritania, has sparked excitement amongst the locals in the city of Polokwane.
With the teams now starting to arrive in the country, the Orange CHAN 2014 LOC CEO, Mr Mvuzo Mbebe urged South Africans and rest of Africa, to urgently make use of the last 6 Days of the Phase 1 Discounted Ticket Sales period; ending 5 January 2014, where fans can still get up to 20 per cent discount on tickets.
“We are exactly 12 Days to kick off and with the first team arriving, it is now clear that we are within touching distance to the start of the tournament. All the ground work has been laid and as we await the arrival of the other 14 teams, we eagerly anticipate the kick off to a tournament that will celebrate Africa’s Home Champions.
“During this year’s AFCON, the DRC brought colour to the tournament and their fans showed excitement and flavour seen only when TP Mazambe takes centre stage. The City of Polokwane should except nothing else but Africa’s Home Champions ready to go to battle. It is now up to South Africans to get behind the tournament by getting their tickets now at all Compu-ticket outlets nationwide. We urge the public to heed the call by coming out in their numbers as they always do and fill the stadiums as we host the only tournament of its kind in the world”, said Mr. Mbebe.

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