I Caught My Wife In Bed With Her Supposed Uncle

.Divorce-Seeking Man Tells Nigeria Court –

By Nike Adekunle –

Mr Isaiah Adeleke, has pleaded with an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, Nigeria, to dissolve his 16 years marriage with his wife, Adebimpe, over alleged adulterous behaviour, eyeonthenews.com reports.

“I caught my wife red-handed with a man she introduced to me as her uncle, they were both unclad and in the act.

“Before I kill her and myself, it is better we part ways”, Adeleke said.

The 44-year-old trader claimed that Adebimpe did not respect him and left home at will and returned when she likes.

“My wife left home since January 2015 with our children, aged 14, 11 and nine years. She was pregnant when she left my house but the most painful part was that her man friend called me on phone and told me to ask my wife about the paternity of our last two children”, he said.

The petitioner said that his wife was violent in nature.

“My wife always hit me with dangerous weapons whenever we quarrel. Adebimpe once hit me with a bottle and I was admitted at Igando General Hospital, Alimosho, Lagos.

“She once gave me a heavy slap because I slept off while she was talking,” he said

Adeleke said that he was tired of the union and wanted a divorce.

Adebimpe, however, accepted the allegation of infidelity. She said that her husband pushed her into adultery.

“I am not adulterous, it was my husband that pushed me into it,” she said.

The respondent said that she was not pregnant when she left her husband’s house in 2015.

The 39-year-old businesswoman said that her husband turned her into a punching bag.

“My husband beats me whenever I make mistakes; he had battered me to the extent that I had two miscarriages. I left his house with our children because of the frequent beating, if I continue living with him, he might beat me to death one day.

“The greatest mistake I have made in my life was getting married to Isaiah Adeleke. I did not have peace of mind with him, I am tired of the marriage, I support the dissolution,” she said.

After listening to their submissions, President of the Court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to November 27 for further hearing.

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